Sunday, November 11, 2012

Last month the army, Samsung Galaxy new, and shopping vacation next week!
Been waiting for the moment I can smell the freedom, though it will be filled with the smell of rain..I already have so many plans for what to do! Go to the cooking class, get into college, to fly U.S., weekend in France! And many dreams have been waiting to fulfill alllllllllllllll ! Im waiting for the moment to fill the blog with the new things I made, and fun experiences!

Promise myself that once I released it first, it's relaxing ... Oh, and it is clear that doing shopping because all this time I just wore uniforms,yak! Time to fill the closet!

But I dream about it all I've got another month long pass

Meanwhile, I'm looking for muses, and soon as a new phone, the Galaxy, of course I will be me all the character in the world! Definitely excited!

Meanwhile, organized goin to the work because it is important(how i'll get money :P), and sends kisses! 

Going to save the world


  1. Your outfit is so cute! I love the jacket and color combination. Can't wait to see all the cool things you made too. :)