Thursday, November 8, 2012

Weekend Holiday!

Thursday already considered as a holiday! the weekend holiday! As always looking for a reason to celebrate, this weekend is the time ..
I met a friend I had not seen for a long time and I arranged with some others .. And Im goin out today and start celebrating! this weekend I spontaneously :) waiting for my wonderful boyfriend to return from the army for a weekend and I will have a partner for this! but the most important thing is WHAT IM GOING TO WEAR! ! !
found few thing's that i didnt wear for long time and decided to make an outfit!
 The Outfit

What from Where

 boots -  Aldo

 shirt - American Eagle

 my mother's Blouse 

skirt - Mango

tights - Forever 21

wallet - Golf

goldfield necklace - made by me :))

hope to have a lot of picture of me wearing this clothes =] Happy Weekend Holiday ♥


  1. love the jumper! it's gorgeous!
    Your blogs so cute- I love its origionality too!
    Grace X