Saturday, November 24, 2012

the grand vacation :)

Every year my family goes on vacation, so finally it was time!
I arranged for clothing, shoes, swimsuit, and most importantly lots mood!
A bit cold, but the main thing is there is freedom! And of course I will not forget shopping list, pelephone and fashion magazine:) 4 day's of fun!!!!
and all this pleasure I get to post the outfit I was going to wear: 

my fav <3

 night outfit

hmm swimsuit, witch one is better?

see you soon, hope with a lot of new things :)



  1. The first swimsuit is better, in my opinion. :D

    You have a great style, I love all of the looks!
    I just had to follow you. :D

  2. Great vacation Ren! Nice outfits you got there. :)

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  3. Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog and I see you're new but you're off to a good start. I especially love the witty title of your blog!
    ~Anyway, I love the swimsuit with the colorful bottom and the black top!
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  4. thank you all it was great vacation...!!! promise new post soon :)