Monday, December 3, 2012

bay bay vacation

The most annoying thing on vacation that's when it ends!!!

i really had one of the best vacation that i could ask for! it was 4 days of fun! shopping! beach! sun! and shopping! There is nothing that a person should appreciate more freedom. The best things in life are free...Except for the biggest pleasure .. Shopping

at the first day when we arrived, we took a nap and just relaxing....

the view for my room

and... went to some bar that call 3 monkeys...

 in the second day, we went little bit shopping.... only for 6 hours....

we visit in the new mall that open in Eilat

after long day of shopping we had to rest 

in the 3'rd day we had breakfast, Some restt ... and purpose can check it V... Diving :)
while not as I wished to have the best-looking diving instructor in the world ... It was amazing. Recommend everyone to try, it's just a different world!! picture's before...

 in the 4th and last day...We looked at the world in a winning ... Just kidding! Last shopping and returned home!

Bay Bay Vacation, Hello Routine

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