Sunday, December 23, 2012

kind of took a brake for the blog... i had so many things to do! it now simple to released from the army...
so what's new with my closet? I made up all the closet, I gave clothes, shoes, bags ... And still not missing anything:)
I have rules, do not give people clothes .. Only real emergencies! And not to mention shoes..After all order who suits him invited to take .. Do not like to lend clothes .. What's mine is mine!
After many cases of loans clothing companies, and after they come back to me pretty devastated I decided not to ...
In short, after arranging my wardrobe was missing a few items .. And some Wish List

so i bought what missing in my closet-

Tall black boot

p.s that tunic that im wear it's a men shirt that i bought.. size XL :P

black bag

and add to my wish list - 

camel long coat (zara) 

fossil watch

wool jumper

that's it for now :)

what you have in your wish list?!


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