Tuesday, December 4, 2012

such spontaneous day

After I got back from  a dream vacation,It's time to return to normal, meet friends, and catch up.
Every two months or so, I do laser hair removal, a genius who invented it! And using that  to take day off ..My friend, Shani, decided spontaneously to join me for a walk in Tel Aviv ..Because of all the rain and cold we preferred to go to the mall, and of course it's the only place that FOREVER 21 So've already used it ..
(Although my credit card was going to die after all the shopping in Eilat)

I found two new berets, pink and blue, sweater, socks ... So love this shop!

We walked around and of course we ate we walked .. :) Snug ...

 And returned to continue routine ...
Waiting for more such spontaneous trip! Suggestions are welcome!


  1. Adorable look! I love the yellow with leopard :) Good find on the berets, cute!


    1. thank's Kristine :)
      i love to wear this dress with his scarf :D