Tuesday, January 15, 2013

new year, new dress and a cake

such long time without write in my lovely blog....
i really don't have any excuse why i stop writing....
but i do have new things that i sew and bake to show you :)

since i didn't upload a post about my new year i'll do it now with a lot of add's...:)
one of the most beautiful things that were for 2012, I celebrated New Year's crazy .. With lots of food, my amazing family, good music and good wine... definitely happy new year!

Me, my cousin and my mom
me wearin - dress(it a boy's jumper that i took in XL) , yellow dress, brown legging, black belt, my lovely scarf, and a shoe that you cannot sew (promise that they look good )

I heard that this year Santa Claus arrived in a Mercedes .... Everyone stolen his reindeer :D
New dress I made .. 

 and for sweet end
Coconut cake that comes with love :) (sugar dough hearts)

Promiss to upload more new post's soon....Now it's your turn to respond what do you think about the dress I made :)


  1. WOW! What a lovely dress! U are so talented!!
    Happy and a really great year! Kisses...