Wednesday, November 7, 2012

long day with cap's uniform

Long day! Israel has such a law that every person reaches the age of 18 joined the Army, girls serving two years and boys three years.we have the option to choose what to do in the army, I chose to be a cop, but that's not what matters here So I was in the army a year and 11 months, today I had some kind of release conference with full explanations of what to do after the army, obviously I chose fashion design / Bakery .. That planning for the future :)

me and my friend sabrina

me, with cop's uniform :P

At the end of the day we went shopping of course :) What is special about it that I found - purple leather pants awesome!!

Purple pants - forever 21
 Mustard dress, tights - forever 21.Bow's cardigan - TnT. Pink cardigan - some store

XO, Ren


  1. The shorts are so pretty! Can't wait to see how you'll style them :)
    So cool that you're going into fashion, and bakery hmm you must be a good cook :D